b'The length dependence of integral LOCA test FeCrAl segments was studied between 4-inch and 12-inch found no difference in burst conditions resulting from the shortest length cladding segment, increasing the number of samples available for integral fuel safety testing from a lead test rod or irradiation specimen.water reactor (LWR) cladding.with shorter test segments.For SATS testing can expose a singleshorter segments to be utilized in 12-inch cladding segment to theSATS, the pressure fittings at the temperature, pressure, oxidationends of the segments must maintain and water-quench conditionsthe internal pressure during the anticipated during a LOCA or thetemperature ramp and the cladding high temperature module can bemust demonstrate similar balloon and deployed to subject segments toburst behavior as a 12-inch segment. beyond design basis (DBA) accidentProject Description:relevant conditions. As-drawn nuclear-grade unirradiated With the limited irradiated ATFFeCrAl cladding tubes were tested material available for SATS testing,at 12, 8, 6, 5, and 4-inch lengths at a standard SATS integral LOCA test1200 psi initial internal pressure.of a 12-inch segment becomes aFour inches was found to be sufficient significant limiting factor on theto induce burst during LOCA tests, so amount of in-cell testing that can bemore tests with 4-inch length tubes performed due to the overall length.were subsequently run at 550 psi and Additionally, High Flux Isotope850 psi initial internal pressures.In Reactor (HFIR) irradiations of aorder to preserve a similar internal gas single 12-inch test train remain avolume and temperature distribution less-cost effective, practical barrier towith shorter-length specimens, utilizing target rod irradiations forthick-walled Hastelloy extensions in-cell burst testing. By researching thewere added to the bottom and length-dependence of SATS integraltop of the FeCrAl specimen so the LOCA testing, future irradiationtotal length was that of a 12-inch and postirradiation examinationspecimen.A schematic and image of campaigns may benefit from the increased test matrix made available 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 147'