b'ATF-2 ProgressPrincipal Investigator: Ed Mai, INLTeam Members/ Collaborators: Bryon Curnutt, Brian Durtschi, Stephen Evans and Gary Hoggard, Connor Woolum (INL)The ATF-2 test train is the only experimental apparatus in the United States dedicated to steady-state testing of commercial light water reactor fuels.T he Nuclear Technology Research(FY)12, Congress included specific and Development (NTRD)language for DOE-NE to initiate the Advanced Fuels Research, Devel- Enhanced ATF program, and DOE-NE opment, and Demonstration (RD&D)designated funding for Funding program supports the DepartmentOpportunity Announcement (FOA) of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclearcompetitive awards to identify, develop, Energy (NE) mission and objectivesand test advanced LWR fuel concepts. through development of advanced fuelThree industry-led teams were selected: technologies within the Advanced FuelsWestinghouse Electric Company, Campaign (AFC). The accident tolerantLLC (WEC); General Electric Global fuel (ATF)-2 experiment results willResearch (GERC); and AREVA (now support the Advanced Light Waterknown as Framatome). Thus, ATF-2 is Reactor (LWR) Fuels Development parta joint effort of the INL with WEC, GE, of the AFC. and Framatome. General Atomics (GA) Figure 1. ATF-2 assembly team withIrradiation of the ATF-2 experi- is a partner with WEC.ATF-2 test train and the Advancedment began June 12, 2018, and it isATF-2 experiment results will play Test Reactor Complex Test Train Assembly Facility. currently being irradiated in the Idahoa critical role in confirming certain National Laboratory (INL) Advancedperformance aspects of new fuel/Test Reactor (ATR). Design improve- cladding concepts under pressurized ments and reconfiguration of the testwater reactor (PWR) operating train are planned for an October 2019conditions. The ultimate goal of the ATF ATR insertion (cycle 166B outage)program is to demonstrate improved designated ATF-2B. fuel/cladding concepts offering the Project Description: potential to replace the Zircaloy-UO 2In 2011, following the Great East Japansystem currently used throughout the Earthquake, resulting tsunami, andLWR industry.subsequent damage to the FukushimaATF-2 consists of specimens that are Daiichi nuclear power plant complex,pin-type which are scaled-down in DOE-NE, in collaboration with thesize from commercial-size fuel pins. nuclear industry, shifted RD&DThe specimens consist of sealed emphasis to accident performancecladding tubes that contain fuel pellets. of fuels. Subsequently, in fiscal yearThe cladding tubes and fuel pellets 112 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'