b'Figure 3. TREAT NLC Mk-IIIR (left)and Concept 4 designs (right).response, TerraPower contracted thedesigns (right). These two designs will University of Wisconsin to investigatebe compared through detailed anal-applying their current research inyses and limited fabrication studies permanent magnet flowmeters to thein the conceptual design phase of the NLC and INL embarked upon recre- project. In fact, the project initiated ating the EM flowmeter technologypart of those fabrication studies in used in the legacy loops. Figure 2.August of 2019 on a unique compo-shows the EM flowmeter planned tonent, the annular flow intersection, of be built at INL and installed in the testthe Concept 4 NLC design. Structural loop at TerraPower facilities. analyses indicated that as designed, the The project completed the pre- annular flow intersection would not conceptual design of the reactor-readymeet stress limitations under pressure NLC in May of 2019 and producedand temperature design conditions; two promising design options,machining this component from one the Mk-IIIR and the Concept 4.block of material would alleviate that The Mk-IIIR entails re-fabricatingconcern by retaining extra material the design last used in TREAT within the regions of maximum stress modern materials and an updatedconcentration. As of the end of August pump design. In contrast, the Concept2019, the component has been cut 4 utilizes an annular test sectionfrom a solid block of aluminum design allowing simpler experimentalto actual dimensions (Figure 4). analyses and possibly reducing theRemaining machining is expected to cost to experimenters. Figure 3 depictsfinish in October of 2019.the Mk-IIIR (left) and Concept 4 16 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'