b'Nanomechanical Properties of High Uranium Density FuelsPrincipal Investigator: David Frazer, LANLTeam Members/ Collaborators: Joshua T. White and Tarik A. Saleh (LANL)Figure 1. The elastic modulus versus temperature of the four materials tested during these experiments.T he drive for longer nuclearproperties with limited volumes of fuel cycles lead to the observa- material could be beneficial to testing tion of pellet clad interactionsirradiated fuel as it reduces the source (PCI) which instigated investigationsterm and could allow for material to in understanding this phenomenon.be tested outside of hot cells. In addi-It was observed that the mechanicaltion, SSMT has the ability to measure properties of the fuel play an impor- mechanical properties as a function tant role in PCI. Small scale mechan- of temperature, which is largely ical testing (SSMT) techniques canlacking in the literature for fresh fuel be used to measure the mechanicalas well as irradiated for the majority properties of limited volumes of mate- of nuclear fuels considered for current rial. The ability to measure mechanicaland next generation nuclear reactors. 64 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'