b'Figure 3. Burst hole-sizeAccomplishments: minimal corrosion of the Cr coated comparisons of coated (top)The first ever loading of U 3 Si 2inZr samples and minimal to moderate and uncoated (bottom) claddingzirconium cladding and ADOPTcorrosion of the SiC, depending on at various pressures.pellets in Cr coated cladding (Figurethe manufacturing conditions of the 1) was accomplished. The EnCoreSiC and the manufacturer.ATF LTRs (Figure 2) were loaded intoGeneral Atomics (GA) has madeByron Unit 2 for plant startup onsignificant strides in producing April 23, 2019. rodlets that consistently meet Tests are continuing at the Massachu- corrosion and hermeticity setts Institute of Technology reactorrequirements. In addition, they have (MITR) on the Cr coated Zr and SiCinstalled the production capability to cladding options as well as the in-rodmanufacture 12-foot long SiC rods sensor that is being developed bywhichWestinghouse to support the ATFis currently undergoingtesting and licensing process. Theseshakedown testing.tests are being run at pressurizedThe Westinghouse Advanced water reactor (PWR) coolant condi- Modeling and Testing Technology tions (B at ~1500 ppm, Li at 5 toprograms have made significant 7 ppm, and H2 at 40 to 50 cm3/ progress in supporting licensing in kg coolant).The results indicate 34 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'