b'Fabrication of Small-scale Ceramic Fuels forAccelerated Fuel QualificationPrincipal Investigator: Joshua T. White, LANLTeam Members/ Collaborators: John Dunwoody, Chris Grote, Najeb Abdul-Jabbar, Tarik Saleh, Ken McClellan (LANL)Figure 1. Demonstration of accelerated burnup test specimen geometries composed of CeO 2and UO 2 . I nterest has expanded in recenttesting schemes (i.e., Advanced Test years within the Advanced FuelsReactor (ATR)) the test articles would Campaign (AFC) to accelerate therequire on the order of 10 years irradiation testing of nuclear fuels toto achieve ~60 MWD/tHM. Small allow a more efficient path forwardgeometry irradiation test experiments to assessing the performance of fuelhave been proposed to overcome this concepts to higher burnup. Expandinglengthy irradiation time frame. To this the datasets to higher burnups wouldend, two irradiation approaches have improve the overall safety basis ofbeen identified that would drastically these concepts, potentially expandingshorten the irradiation schedule to on the lifetime of current generationthe order of a couple years although fuels and improve the economics offabricability and benchmarking against the current fleet. In current irradiationhistoric test data will be required to validate the methodology.22 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'