b'Figure 2. Moderate magnification backscatter SEM images of the low enriched U-30wt.%Zr following a two hour anneal at 900C and a cooling rate of 60C/hr.Project Description:phenomena present in the U-Zr The technical objectives of thesystem, specifically fuel swelling experiment began with the guidanceand constituent redistribution. The of test vehicle design and in-pileresults of this study are being used instrumentation as well as theto guide pre and postirradiation development of a unique fuelcharacterization of the alloys in fabrication method that allowsorder to provide a fundamental for the decoupling of historicallyunderstanding of the microstructural, convoluted reactor conditions suchand subsequent performance, as power and temperature. Beyondevolution of the alloy. This work experiment design, phenomenaincludes routine techniques identification and ranking tablessuch as SEM as well as advanced (PIRT) were created for the U-Zrcharacterization such as neutron system. The PIRT analysis was meantdiffraction and TEM coupled with to identify reactor conditions andin-situ heating. These advanced material properties that directlytechniques allow for the investigation influence the performance-limiting 2019|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 209'