2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 86 The efforts initiated from the evalu- ation of commercially available tube production process steps by divining into three different sections; (1) the heat production process, (2) the master bar production process, and (3) the tube drawing process. For heat production, it was found that not only chemical composition control but also elimination of solidification defects in the vacuum induction–melted ingot is critical for improving the quality of the final products as well as the processability of the materials during the tube reduction process.A hot- isostatic press helped in reducing and eliminating the internal, pre-existing cracks in the ingot, which could be a source of premature failure (e.g., crack initiation from oxide particles) during the tube drawing process.The master bars were produced by a hot-extrusion Figure 2. Mock-up of ATF wrought FeCrAl alloy fuel cladding assembly.