2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 198 An equipment qualification plan (EQP) for stage I/II mockup was also completed in FY17.This document contains basic instructions for the proper assembly of the TCM in the Mockup Shop located at the Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Phase I:The TCM will be setup on the base plate, the electro-mechanical components positioned, and all electrical wiring will be connected. Phase II: After the initial system operation is verified, remote qualification at the MFC Mockup wall will be performed to verify the equipment can be operated in a hot cell environment with manipulators. In addition to the thickness monitor and EQP, an equipment rack and software were also developed.The equipment rack incorporates all of the instrumentation and controls for remotely operating the TCM. An interface box in conjunction with a newly developed power box allow automation of signal switching and powering of the detectors, sensors, cameras and LEDs necessary for TCM operation. A method for sample height determination which will prevent sample to objective interference was also developed and incorporated. A graphical user interface (GUI) was developed using MATLAB to provide point-and-click control of the TCM and thickness monitor, as well as data analysis. The TCM and associated equipment were entered into stage one mockup at MFC on 9/6/2017.This included the TCM, the equipment rack and all ancillary equipment as well as the film thickness monitor. Mockup testing is underway and includes manipulator compatibility and performance verification test using thermal conductivity standards. Figure 2. Thermal Conductivity Microscope testing at the Materials and Fuels Complex.