2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 84 2.4 ATF CLADDING AND COATINGS ATF wrought FeCrAl tube production for Hatch-1 field test Principal Investigator:YukinoriYamamoto, Kevin Field (ORNL) Collaborators: Kurt Terrani, Kory Linton, Maxim Gussev, Zhiqian Sun (ORNL), Raul Rebak, Russ Fawcett (GE) First mass production of Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF) wrought FeCrAl alloy tubes, performed partially through commercial manufacturers and partially at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), was completed in FY2017.A Gen. II wrought FeCrAl alloy consisting nominally of Fe-12Cr-6Al-2Mo-0.2Si- 0.05Y, in weight percent, was down- selected for the production. Seamless, thin-wall tube production process was conducted through commer- cially available multiple process steps including vacuum induction melt, hot isostatic press, hot-extrusion, gun- drilling, and multiple tube drawing process with optimized inter-pass annealing, to obtain sufficient deform- ability during production process and control the quality of the final tube products (e.g. microstructure, size tolerance, surface conditions, etc.). The tubes are to be used in lead test rods in Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, Baxley, GA (Figure 1), to assess the feasibility of newly developed, accident tolerant FeCrAl alloy cladding. Figure 1. Edwin I. Hatch Nuclear Power Plant (Baxley, GA) (Ref.: https://www.georgiapower.com/ about-energy/energy-sources/ nuclear/hatch.cshtml).