2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 176 Figure 1. All Tensile Tests for HFIR Irradiated GenI FeCrAl Alloys at Room Temperature and 250C. Due to their excellent perfor- mance in high temperature oxidizing steam environments, Iron-Chromium-Aluminum (FeCrAl) alloys are a strong candidate mate- rial for AccidentTolerant Fuel (ATF) cladding applications.A number of these alloys, GenI FeCrAl alloys with varying Cr (10-18 wt. %) and Al (3-5 wt %) content, irradiated to 7dpa at 320C in the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) were tested in tension at room temperature and 250C (Figure 1).A second group of GenII FeCrAl alloy controls, with 6 wt%Al, and 10 to 13 wt % Cr, were also tested in tension to use as baseline tensile data for ongoing irradiation experiments in HFIR (Figure 2). Mechanical Properties of HFIR Irradiated FeCrAl Alloys Principal Investigators: Dr.Tarik A. Saleh, Los Alamos National Laboratory Collaborators: Dr. Kevin G. Field, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Mr. Matthew E. Quintana, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mr.Tobias J. Romero, Los Alamos National Laboratory These tests, a collaboration between ORNL and LANL, expanded the data collected on neutron irradiated FeCrAl and provided control tensile date from Genll FeCrDl alloys to use to compare to future irradiations.