2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 19 Figure 2. A cradle-type fracture testing grip loaded on the load train within three-zone temperature control furnace (left). Three miniature fracture specimens that have been used for irradiated materials testing in AFC campaign (right): the rectangular bend bar (15 mm L) and square compact tension (12.5 x 12.5 mm) specimens were developed in AFC campaign, while the 12.5 mm diameter disk compact tension specimen is commonly used in the nuclear materials community. The load train of the mechanical testing system can hold various cradle-type grips that uniquely developed for highly efficient mechanical tests, including uniaxial tensile, high and low cycle fatigue, fracture resistance (J-R), and bending tests in controlled environments (Figure 2).Among these capabilities, the procedure of static J-R fracture testing and fracture toughness calculation demands the most complicated steps and significant background knowledge.As part of the Advanced Fuel Cycle (AFC) campaign, a streamlined procedure from specimen loading to fracture toughness determination has been established for testing and evaluation of irradiated materials in shielded facilities. In pursue of fast and efficient fracture toughness testing, the precracking and stable fracture testing steps were highly simplified: no external gage attachment is needed and a unique crack growth monitoring method is used. Further, the procedure to calculate