2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 45 Figure 2. Welded Cr-coated tubes after corrosion test in 360°C water for 1 day (ASTM G2). 4. Implementation of the LTA ir- radiation program (including all interactions with and submittals to the NRC). The overall objective of the DOE EATF program is to develop an improved and more robust nuclear fuel design that will reduce or mitigate the consequences of reactor accidents and improve the economics of the reac- tors thermal output and reliability.The best way to achieve this is through a systematic approach along parallel fronts with design, development, testing and licensing of EATF concepts over the next five years.The data collected as part of this program will ultimately be used as a basis to support the DOE’s near-term goal of LTAs inser- tions by 2022 and long-term goal of batch implementation by 2025. Accomplishments: As part of Cr-coated cladding development, a feasibility study was conducted to demonstrate the weldability of Cr-coated tubes to solid Zr-4 end plugs using AREVA’s commercial upset shape welding (USW) process.The study showed that the USW process is compatible with welding Cr-coated tubes.The USW-welded Cr-coated tubes showed no defects at the weld region (see Figure 1). Subsequently, welded Cr-coated tubes were tested under