2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 212 Active Projects Awarded in 2014 Nuclear Energy University Project Grants Lead University Title Principle Investigator Ohio State University Studies of LanthanideTransport in Metallic Nuclear Fuels Jinsuo Zhang Texas A&M University Development of High-Performance ODS Alloys Lin Shao (September 30, 2017) University of Arkansas Computational and Experimental Studies of Microstructure-Scale Porosity in Metallic Fuels for Improved Gas Swelling Behavior Paul Millett (September 30, 2017) University of Notre Dame Assessment of Corrosion Resistance of Promising AccidentTolerant Fuel Cladding Under Reactor Conditions David Bartels University ofTennessee Enhanced Accident-tolerant Fuel Performance and Reliability for Aggressive iPWR/SMR Operation Ivan Maldonado University of Wisconsin, Madison Development of Self-Healing Zirconium-Silicide Coatings for Improved Performance of Zirconium- Alloy Fuel Cladding Kumar Sridharan Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Thermal Conductivity in Metallic Fuels Celine Hin Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University SiC-ODS Alloy Gradient Nanocomposites as Novel Cladding Materials Kathy Lu