2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 49 Project Description: The overall goal of the U.S Depart- ment of Energy (DOE) Advanced Fuel Campaign (AFC) Accident Tolerant Fuel Program for Light Water Reac- tors (ACT OF) is to identify alterna- tive fuel system technologies to further enhance the safety, competi- tiveness and economics of the current fleet of commercial nuclear power. There are currently 99 power reac- tors operating in the USA, of which the 89% are at least 30 years old and 45% of the reactors are at least 40 years old.Therefore, there is an immediacy in the developing ATF that can have a significant impact to the safety of the remaining life of current fleet.The sooner the solution is found the better.The industry cannot afford to wait 30 years to find a viable ATF concept since no commercial reactor will be running to use the concept. Under normal operation conditions in LWRs, the FeCrAl alloys offer outstanding corrosion resistance like current well known materials such as type 304SS or nickel alloys. Under accident conditions, FeCrAl alloys are orders of magnitude more resistant to reaction with superheated steam than zirconium, therefore generating negligible ignitable hydrogen and heat of reaction. FeCrAl alloys would keep their coolable geometry for longer time allowing for quenching measures during the coping time. On the less favorable side, the FeCrAl alloys are less transparent to neutrons than zirconium alloys which impacts fuel cycle cost and electricity genera- tion costs, and the FeCrAl may release more tritium to the coolant. Both adverse attributes can be minimized or eliminated by design, fabrication and regulatory modifications. Accomplishments: GE and ORNL are characterizing two alloys side by side regarding all their nuclear properties, from mechanical to fabrication to environmental resis- tance. Kevin Field of ORNL developed a manual containing the properties of the FeCrAl alloys.The two alloys are Kanthal-Sandvik APMT produced via powder metallurgy and a tradition- ally melted alloy developed by ORNL (C26M). • C26M - Fe-12Cr-6Al-2Mo-0.3Y (ORNL), • APMT – Fe-21Cr-5Al-3Mo (Sandvik).