2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 132 Table 1. Fabricated compositions and as cast mass. Fabrication of Metallic Fuel Specimens for Laser Flash Analysis Principal Investigator: Randall Fielding Collaborators: Cynthia Papesch, Leah Squires, FMF Operations Crew In support of the Fuel Cycle Research and Development (FCRD) Transmutation Fuels Handbook several transuranic (TRU) bearing alloys were produced for subsequent laser flash diffusivity characterization. The previous year’s work focused on producing legacy AFC-1 and AFC-2 series alloys suitable for differential scanning calorimetry.This year’s work follows on producing the same alloy compositions in a size that is applicable to laser flash diffusivity measurements. Project Description: Over the years the Advanced Fuels Campaign (AFC) and its predecessors have irradiated a number of alloys. Many of these alloys were characterized at the time of irradiation, however, techniques and equipment have been substantially improved since the initial characterization, and also due to budget and time restrictions some alloys received only minimal characterization.This is compounded for TRU bearing alloys due to the difficulties associated with characterization these alloys. Literature reviews have also shown that much of the historical data for these alloys and similar alloy compositions is either of lesser quality or contradictory in nature. In order for these data deficiencies to be filled, additional legacy material is needed for further characterization. Fabricated Compositions As Cast Mass 90Pu-10Zr 9.901 g 70Pu-30Zr 9.951 g 70U-20Pu-10Zr 9.930 34U-29Pu-3Np-4Am-30Zr 9.917 65U-20Pu-3N p-2Am-10Zr 10.024 g