2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 211 Lead University Title Principle Investigator University of California, Berkeley Developing Ultra-Small Scale MechanicalTesting Methods and Microstructural Investigation Procedures for Irradiated Materials Peter Hosemann University of Florida Innovative Coating of NanostructuredVanadium Carbide on the F/M CladdingTube Inner Surface for Mitigating the Fuel Cladding Chemical Interactions YongYang (Finished but no final report) University of South Carolina U3Si2 Fabrication andTesting for Implementation into the BISON Fuel Performance Code Travis Knight Utah State University Optical Fiber Based System for Multiple Thermophysical Properties for Glove Box, Hot Cell and In-pile Applications Heng Ban (Finished but no finalreport) Iowa State University In-pileThermal Conductivity Characterization with Single-laser Heating/Time Resolved Raman Xinwei Wang Arizona State University Mechanical Behavior of UO2 at Sub-grain Length Scales: Quantification of Elastic, Plastic and Creep Properties via MicroscaleTesting Pedro Peralta Active Projects Awarded in 2013 Nuclear Energy University Project Grants