2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 36 microscopy is a cornerstone destructive examination that gives a first understanding of the microstructure of the fuel. High resolution optical microscopy is a state-of-art technique to appreciate secondary phases, metallic inclusion down to the micrometer range. Both the AFC-OA (Figure 1) and ATF-1 (Figure 2) irradiations are drop-in style tests a fuel cladding and fuel meat combination to various different burnups. The results of these screening irradiations support the development of new fuel forms to help light water reactors potentially operate with enhanced safety margins. High resolution optical microscopy has enable AFC scientists to gain microstructure information down to the micrometer range. Accomplishments: The high resolution optical microscopy was installed and qualified in the metallography hot cell station of HFEF. It was a successful effort of HFEF team supported by AFC scientists.