2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 187 Several scanning electron microscopy (SEM) exams were completed on a variety of different fuel forms including U-10Zr irradiated in Fast FluxTest Facility (FFTF), minor actinide bearing mixed oxide fuel from AFC-2D, and U-Pd-Zr alloys irradiated in AFC-3. Specific sample preparation is often required to successfully examine these fuels. The dose rate must be reduced not only to protect the workers loading samples into the microscope but also to limit the amount of radiation from the sample that can overwhelms the detectors in the microscope.A good example of the specialized sample preparation required for fresh fuel microscopy is shown in the backscatter electron microscopy shown in the image below. The first issue of “Testing Fast Reactor Fuels in aThermal Reactor:A Comparison Report” was issued this year.This report documents the multi- year effort to demonstrate the viability of testing fast neutron spectrum reactor fuel concepts in the thermal neutron spectrum AdvancedTest Reactor.The report demonstrates the modeling effort needed to demonstrate that the radial power profile in this testing is representative of fast reactor irradiations. It also highlights a comparison between the irradiation results from like composition tests that were carried out in ATR (AFC-1) and the true fast spectrum reactor Phenix (FUTURIX-FTA).This report presents evidence that use of Cd-filtering creates irradiation conditions in the ATR that are relevant to, and suitable for, fast reactor fuel testing to be achieved.