2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 209 Work Package Title Site Work Package Manager FY-16 Level 2 Milestone Advanced High Density Fuel Development and Qualification (Advanced Ceramic Fuel Development) - LANL LANL Nelson,Andy Development of Strategies to Relax Handling Constraints for High Density Fuels SE testing and High Density Fuel Fabrication for Halden (ATF-1 Fabrication) - LANL LANL Nelson,Andy Separate Effects Study of Oxygen on Fresh Fuel Properties of U3Si2 LWR Neutron Irradiated Materials Testing - LANL LANL Saleh,Tarik Report on microstructure and mechanical properties of HFIR irradiated Gen II FeCrAl alloys High Dose MaterialsTesting for FR - LANL LANL Saleh,Tarik Test and Report on Ring pull testing of BOR-60 Irradiated ODS tube material Fuel Modeling Support - LANL LANL Unal, Cetin Report documenting assessment of the coupled thermal-mechanicaldiffusion models in BISON for metallic fuel constituent redistribution ATF SiC Cladding Development - ORNL ORNL Katoh,Yutai PIE of nuclear grade SiC/SiC flexural coupons irradiated to 10 dpa at LWR temperature      ATF SiC Cladding Development - ORNL ORNL Katoh,Yutai Determination of He and D permeability of neutron-irradiated SiC tubes Microstructure Analysis and Evolution in Ceramic Fuels - ORNL ORNL Terrani, Kurt Complete detailed post-fabrication characterization of uranium bearing ceramics Transient testing Coordination and testing - ORNL ORNL Linton, Kory Insert Severe AccidentTest Station into the hot-cell  and perform demonstration test