2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 171 Figure 1. MA956 Tubing after Pilgering. Figure 2. 14YWT Thick-Wall Annular Tubing Extrusions Staged for Pilgering. With respect to the next generation of reactors, success in this activity will produce: (1) a more radiation tolerant fuel cladding, (2) a fuel that can be used to reduce the half-life of isotopes in the spent fuel that will need to be disposed of inYucca Mountain, and (3) a fuel that will improve the economics of Sodium Fast Reactors. Accomplishments Accomplishments this fiscal year include extruding annular thick wall annular tubes with both MA956 and 14YYWT.The MA956 thick wall tube extrusions were then pilgered at the pilger mill located at nearby Sandvik and are shown in Figure 1 below.Two 14YWT thick wall annular tubes were extruded in the extrusion press at PNNL and are staged for subsequent pilgering at Sandvik.These are shown in Figure (2) below.