2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 196 Figure 1. 3D model of Thermal Conductivity Microscope in cell system TheThermal Conductivity Microscope (TCM) is an instrument designed to measure thermal property of irradiated samples. TheTCM simultaneously measures the thermal diffusivity and conductivity using modulated thermoreflectance. This measurement approach involves measuring the temperature field spatial profile of samples excited by an amplitude modulated continuous wave laser beam.A thin gold film is applied to the samples to ensure strong optical absorption and to establish a second boundary condition that introduces an expression containing the substrate thermal conductivity. The diffusivity and conductivity are obtained by comparing the measured phase profile of the temperature field to a continuum based model.The TCM has been designed to operate in a radiation hot cell environment. It can be controlled remotely via the software interface and sample loading is compatible with hot cell manipulators. Advanced Instrument Development: Thermal Conductivity Microscope Principal Investigator: David Hurley Collaborators: Robert Schley 3.5 CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT