2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 41 Project Description: The technical objectives of this program are: • • Fabrication of representative test fuel rodlets consisting of SiC and coated zirconium cladding with U3Si2 fuel • Development of an ATF LTR/LTA project plan • Generation of test data and modeling supporting test and commercial reactor feasibility • Determine the expected behavior of the ATF options in LOCA/station blackout scenarios • Evaluate the beyond design basis accident performance, expected plant licensing impacts and resultant eco- nomic savings for commercial plants • Determine the feasibility of licensing a commercially feasible ATF Accomplishments: SiC cladding development has continued. Low corrosion rate, hermetic, closed end SiC tubes (Figure 1) have been produced by General Atomics and tested in autoclaves at the Westinghouse Churchill site and are undergoing testing in the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology reactor. Cr coated cladding tubes have been produced by the University of Wisconsin and successfully tested in the autoclaves and in the Massachu- setts Institute ofTechnology reactor (Figure 2). Both SiC composite and Cr coated cladding are currently under- going final irradiation testing and will be used to fabricate rodlets for Figure 2. Cr coated zirconium alloy tubes before and after testing in the MIT reactor.