2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 131 Project Description: The ability to use EPMA for quantita- tive analysis of irradiated fuels is predicated on the existence of well- characterized analytical standards for all relevant analytes, including fuel components such as neptunium, plutonium and americium. By fabricating standards for fuel compo- nents (e.g. Fig 1, NpO2), we now have the ability to quantitatively analyze irradiated fuels, thus improving our ability to model fuel performance in the reactor.The ability to analyze and model fuel performance is key to building more robust and innovative fuels for future reactor development. Accomplishments: 1. Np,Am, Pu oxide powders were pressed (Performed at FMF by FMF operations personnel) 2. Pressed pellets were sintered and sectioned in the MFC analytical lab by Cindi Papesch 3. Aliqouts of the pellets were mounted and polished at MFC EML by Nick Bolender 4. MFC analytical lab tested aliquots of the pellets to ascertain the actinide content 5. EPMA analysis for homogeneity was performed by Karen Wright at IMCL The ability to use actinide analytical standards in EPMA analysis enables us to quantitatively analyze irradiated fuel.