2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 11 KEY FY-17 Technical Outcomes Phase II, year one of the Industry led ATF development and qualification projects PWR condition test loop in the ATR supporting ATF technologies Nuclear Quality Assurance Level-1 (NQA-1) data archiving system Standard for nuclear technology material property handbooks and the first handbook versions for U3Si2, FeCrAl alloy, and SiC material systems Scanning Electron Microprobe Analysis instrument (EPMA) in a fully shielded environment allowing the microscale level chemical and structural evaluation of highly irradiated nuclear fuel samples First EPMA analysis on a full cross section sample from the FUTURIX-FTA irradiation experiment First draft comparison of thermal verses fast spectrum irradiation behavior of nuclear fuels Co-extrusion of a zirconium lined ferretic martensitic fuel pin with a U-10Zr fuel alloy Severe AccidentTest Station (SATS) Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) test station in a shielded hot cell allowing evaluation of fully irradiated high dose nuclear fuel samples Remote casting fabrication of high dose recycle metallic nuclear fuel PIE on the first SiC samples irradiated in the HFIR high radial heat flux experiment Continued irradiation of ATF technologies in the ATR, HFIR, and MIT reactors Designed irradiation loops in the Norwegian Halden reactor PIE on the initial low dose ATF fuel technologies irradiated in the ATR and initiated PIE on the first samples to reach medium dose C26M FeCrAl tubing fabricated for GE lead test rods in the Hatch nuclear power reactor U3Si2 pellets fabricated for Westinghouse SiC and coated Zr cladding experiments in ATR