2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 188 Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was performed on a full transverse cross section sample from FUTURIX-FTA DOE1 (34.1U-28.3Pu-3.8Am-2.1Np- 31.7Zr) which is the low-fertile, metallic composition from that test. This exam preceded electron probe micro analyzer (EPMA) work on the same sample.The data gathered from SEM exams which is semi-quantitative helps to guide quantitative EPMA Figure 1. Backscatter electron imaging of the full cross section from FUTURIX-FTA DOE1 (34.1U-28.3Pu-3.8Am-2.1Np- 31.7Zr ) irradiated fuel. exams.A great deal of information can be gathered from the SEM exams on the microstructure of the fuel post-irradiation that is not available to optical microscopy. Most notably information on the distribution of different chemical phases can be gathered.The general trends in microchemistry across the fuel cross section can also be rapidly evaluated using data from SEM exams. Electron Microscopy of FUTURIX-FTA Metallic Fuel Principal Investigator: Jason M. Harp Collaborators: Luca Capriotti, Steve Hayes, Douglas Porter