2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 48 Figure 1. The C26M - Fe-12Cr-6Al-2Mo-0.3 Y (ORNL) alloy is the simplest, most direct and nearest term solution for an Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuel. It provides safe plant operation by replacing the zirconium based cladding for a FeCrAl alloy. The General Electric (GE) and Oak Ridge National Labora- tory (ORNL) Accident Tolerant Fuel or Advanced Technology Fuel (ATF) concept utilizes a FeCrAl alloy material as fuel rod cladding in combination with uranium dioxide (UO2) fuel pellets presently in use. This combination will increase the safety in the operation of light water reactors.The use of FeCrAl cladding is a simple near-term path for the current fleet of power reactors. ATF Industry Teams – General Electric General Electric: Raul B. Rebak Collaborators: Evan J. Dolley (GE Research), Kurt A.Terrani (ORNL),YukinoriYamamoto (ORNL), Kevin Ledford (GNF), Russell E. Stachowski (GNF), Russ M. Fawcett (GNF), Jonas Gynnerstedt (Sandvik), William P. Gassmann (Exelon), John B.Williams (Southern Nuclear)