2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 114 in accomplishment of a level 2 milestone. Several notable accom- plishments occurred within both of these main tasks. The process for brazing instrumenta- tion leads into an Inconel braze plug was demonstrated and qualified in accordance with INL welding program in order to enable assembly of the prototype vessels.An equivalent- weight Multi-SERTTA handling mockup, which consisted of a repre- sentative sheet metal enclosure with a steel ballast bar within, was fabricated, delivered toTREAT, and test fit success- fully within storage hole interfaces. All of the large metallic containment prototype containment components were successfully fabricated and dimensionally inspected (Figure 3). Out of tolerance conditions discovered were useful in determining where future fabrication development is needed, and in determining which design tolerances need to be relaxed.A specialized hydrostatic pressure testing rig was designed and constructed to enable qualification of Multi-SERTTA prototype vessels.The outcomes from several Multi-SERTTA-related efforts were provided to projects funded by other sources including development of in-pile instrumentation and design of a low-activity experiment handling bench.All of these activities have helped transition the Multi-SERTTA and related projects from the design phase into the deployment phase.This transition is timely considering the imminent restart ofTREAT and data needs for ATF developments. This work was primarily performed by INL’s experiment design and analysis departments including the following contributors: C. Baker, J. Bess, C. Biebel, L. Burke, D. Chapman, C. Davis, D. Dempsey, C. Hill, C. Jensen, N. Jerred, L. Nelson, R. O’Brien, J. Palmer, J. Parry, E. Rosvall, J. Schul- thess, S. Snow, D.Wachs, J.Wiest, N. Woolstenhulme. Figure 2: Multi-SERTTA-CAL Single Vessel Cross Section.