2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 40 The overall objective of this program is to introduce accident tolerant fuel (ATF) lead test rods and assemblies (LTR/LTA) for SiC and coated zirconium cladding with U3Si2 fuel an into commercial reactors by 2019 and 2022 respec- tively.The objective of the current Phase 1b work is to design, test and build using commercially scalable technologies test articles for up to 6 year-long exposure at PWR conditions of prototypical ATF fuel rodlets in ATR and Halden.The data from this 6-year test reactor exposure and test evaluation will be used as the basis to license and load LTRs into commercial reactors in 2019 and LTAs in 2022. Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF) Industry Teams – Westinghouse Electric Company LLC Principal Investigator: Edward J. Lahoda Collaborators:Westinghouse Electric Company LLC , General Atomics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Southern Nuclear Operating Company and Exelon Nuclear, Argonne National Laboratory, Ceramic Tubular Products, Pennsylvania State University, University of Wisconsin and Argonne, National Nuclear Laboratory (United Kingdom) (NNL), Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Institute for Energy Technology (Norway), United Technologies Research Center Figure 1. Process demonstration of SiC endplug sealing. A baseline end-plug is shown in the bottom left; the remaining end-plugs incorporate a local seal to facilitate rodlet pressurization.