2017 | AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 112 Figure 1. Multi-SERTTA Overview. TheTransient ReactorTest facility (TREAT) is graphite-based transient test reactor able to safely provide flexible power maneu- vers simulating nuclear-heating for fuels and materials safety research. WhileTREAT’s design is both brilliant and basic, its primary role is only to provide neutrons to test specimens. Various irradiation vehicles (e.g. capsules, loops) are placed in the core to provide desired specimen boundary conditions, safely contain hazards, and support test instrumentation. Historic TREAT irradiation vehicle designs focused on sodium-cooled systems.A sizeable effort is needed to design new water-environment capabilities for testing AccidentTolerant Fuels (ATF) and other water-reactor technologies. Project Description: Three water-bearing irradiation vehicles are planned.The first of which, and the current project focus, is a multiple capsule design Static Environment RodletTransient Development of the Multi-SERTTA Irradiation Vehicle for ATF Testing in TREAT Principal Investigator: N.Woolstenhulme 2.6TRANSIENT TESTING