b'LN2 Cooled Charcoal Trap &Moisture TrapLead ShieldingMoisture TrapNal (Tl)Components (heater controller, gas \x1fowDetectormeter.) to be mounted on front panel Vacuum pumpFront view Back viewFigure 2. Images of somea pressurization system.It is notAccomplishments:components of the tFGR systemfeasible to circulate high pressureThe design of the tFGR systemprior to final assembly gas through the segment and outattachment to SATS is complete, of the hot-cell into a fission gas trapcomponents are ordered, and some during a test.During the test, theassembly of the components has segment will be stepwise heated to abegun.The tFGR system consists of temperature at a specified ramp rate,a sweep gas system to conduct gases the content of the segment will befrom the SATS in-cell to a fission expanded into a larger volume andgas detection system out-of-cell, a sent to the fission gas traps out-of-cellseries of cold traps to capture off-gas at atmospheric pressure where thefrom heating tests, and a gamma content will be evaluated by countingspectrometry system to detect Kr-85.the released Kr-85 content.The testIn addition to the cold trap system, a will then proceed on to the next holdmass spectrometry system will also temperature until the final tempera- be available to sample the content of ture is reached.Alternatively, it willthe gas exiting the hot-cell.A flow be possible to simply heat the fueldiagram of the system is included in segment under representative LOCAFigure 1.The system table, moisture ramp and pressure conditions andtrap, cold trap. detector system, and then capture the total amount of tFGRsome additional components are released by the sample.However, theshown in Figure 2.This system will onset temperature and evolution ofbe assembled for cold testing over the tFGR will not be captured in this sortnext few months.Testing on irradi-of test. ated fuel is expected by the end of September 2023.90 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'