b'TABLE OF CONTENTS1 ADVANCED FUELS CAMPAIGN 10MANAGEMENT AND INTEGRATION1.1Advanced Fuels Campaign Leadership Team .1.2From the Director .121.3Accident Tolerant FuelsA Perspective by Frank Goldner .141.4Capabilities 20ATF-2 Historical Accomplishments .202 ADVANCED LIGHT WATER 24REACTOR FUELS OVERVIEW2.1LWR Fuel Fabrication and Properties .2.2LWR Core Materials .26Microstructure evaluation of pre and post LOCA HBu fuel .26Summarizing Effect of Coating Thickness and Conditionon Behavior of Zr Cladding 30Microstructure-Based Benchmarking for Nano/MicroscaleTension and Ductility Testing of Irradiated Steels 34Bridging the Length Scales on Mechanical Property Evaluation 40Bridging Microscale to Macroscale Mechanical PropertyMeasurements and Predication of Performance Limitationfor FeCrAl Alloys Under Extreme Reactor Applications 44Benchmarking Microscale Ductility Measurements .48Understanding of degradation of SiC/SiC materials innuclear systems and development of mitigation strategies .52Multiaxial Failure Envelopes and Uncertainty Quantification of Nuclear-Grade SiCf/SiC Woven Ceramic MatrixTubular Composites562022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 5'