b'3.3 AR FUEL SAFETY TESTING Initial Fast Reactor Fuel Transient Irradiations: In-Pile Data and Initial FindingsPrincipal Investigator: Colby JensenTeam Members/ Collaborators: Klint Anderson, Robert Armstrong, Trevor SmuinAdvanced reactor deployment will be enabled by the results of these transient tests on fast reactor fuels that ensure maximum fuel performance and safety of these systems.Figure 1. Overview of ARESA dvanced Reactor Experi- implemented in advanced modeling Phase I project schedule ments for Sodium Fastand simulation tools, which in turn Reactor Fuels (ARES) isrequire modern experiment comple-a joint project between the U.S.ments with new data streams. An Idaho National Laboratory (INL)important step in the ARES project and the Japanese Atomic Energyis to establish new sodium capsule Agency (JAEA) to investigate thetesting capability through commis-transient fuel performance ofsioning testing in the Transient irradiated advanced metallic andReactor Test Facility (TREAT) facility. mixed oxide (MOX) fuel designsThe first experiments and results of from Experimental Breeder Reactorthese experiments show excellent (EBR)-II experiment programs.performance of the test design and Figure 1 provides an overall view ofshow the robust nature of metallic the ARES project tasks and schedule.fast reactor fuel.Transient fuel performance of fast reactor fuels has been well- Project Description: established internationally. TheThe ARES project is comprised of the continued optimization of fuelTemperature Heat Sink Overpower designs and associated operationalResponse-Commissioning (THOR-C), limits to improve performance andTHOR-Metallic (THOR-M), and economics demands the continuedTHOR-Mixed Oxide Transient experimental evaluation of theseOverPower (MOXTOP) experiments behaviors. These goals require theincluding six fresh metallic fuel development of improved fuelcapsules, two irradiated metallic performance behavioral modelsfuel capsules, and two irradiated MOX fuel capsules, respectively. A 130 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'