b'Accomplishments:The AFC test plan represents the culmination of multiple activitiesTREAT TWIST and research teams at Oak RidgeLOCA DeviceNational Laboratory (ORNL) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) from the past several years including a critical review of FFRD during LOCA. The AFC program has worked internally and with industry and other Department of EnergySevere Accident Test Station(DOE) programs to develop a clearer understanding of prototypic LOCA conditions of relevance to high burnup fuel. This work has revealed boundary conditions of potential consequence where temperature evolution and ramp rates have not been explored by any LOCA experi-ments to date. Meanwhile, the SATS system at ORNL has been developed for several years now with testing already performed on HBu fuels, similar to testing performed by other facilities such as Studsvik. The SATS system is currently undergoing some system upgrades to better address identified dataexperiment drivers, technical objec- Figure 1. AFC combined TREAT gaps. At the same time, a LOCA testtives, and a description of the meansand SATS HBu LOCA test plan to achieve them. has been completed with design has been developed at INLsupport from stakeholders. within TREAT based on evaluatedThe draft plan was provided to stake- The plan leverages the best needs and unique in-pile capabilityholders via the FPTTEG members,capabilities in the world at since the closure of the Halden testwith significant feedback providedORNL and INL for testing and characterizationreactor. Meanwhile, the Nuclearby five non-laboratory organizations. Regulatory Commission published aA separate report has been createdResearch Information Letter on theto document all comments and topic of FFRD during LOCA whichassociated responses, maintaining has further stirred the communityprivacy of the comment source. The and casts light on further researchplan will undergo final presentation opportunities.The AFC LOCAto the FPTTEG and then to the plan was drafted early this year as aCRAFT governing board for final combined INL and ORNL effort withendorsement and signature, prior support from the FPTTEG to provideto public release. The plan will be a point of consensus for cross-cuttingreviewed and updated as needed research. The plan addresses the(~ annual basis) with the FPTTEG testing data gaps and focuses onserving in an advisory role.2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 87'