b'Figure 3. Transfer Shield PlateMark II Conceptual DesignFigure 2). This system includes aI-Loop is well positioned to series of sub-systems such as loopbegin several long-lead procure-makeup, ion exchange/filtrations,ments e.g., pumps, pressurizers, sampling, and loop chemistry. Acontrol system, purification team of experienced ATR projectsystems, and Helium-3.engineers are leading this effort.3.In FY 2021, the I-Loop project A major accomplishment hascompleted a modification to been evaluating primary coolantthe ATR reactor vessel pressure pump options and selection ofboundary with a new Top Head the optimal pump for the I-Loop.Closure Plate. The main design This evaluation has resulted inbenefit is the addition of eight a $2.5 million cost savings tonew penetrations that can be the project compared to otherutilized for irradiation testing. ATR loops. The team has alsoAccess to these new penetrations designed a component to main- requires modification to the tain loop pressure known as ashielding known as the Transfer pressurizer. This new pressurizerShield Plate. A conceptual design design is unique to ATR becauseis completed for the Transfer it is designed to modern seismicShield PlateMark II (I-Loop design criteria which allows theFigure 3).I-Loop to be the safest loop in the ATR facility.2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 147'