b'Figure 1. Schematics of the two RTT configurations investigated, with arrows showing the direction of loading. In Configuration #1, the reduced gauge section is supported by a dogbone insert; in Configuration #2, the gauge is placed on the mandrel, at a 45 anglegeometries, and orientations haveload-displacement data, the yield the potential to significantly impactand ultimate tensile strengths were property measurements. Usingcalculated, resulting in errors on the finite element models, a widethe order of 5-20%. Configuration range of these test parameters were#1 underpredicted both strengths, perturbed. Their effect on load- while Configuration #2 overpredicted displacement and derived strengthboth strengths. The stress and strain measurements was investigated. fields produced were also analyzed, Using free body force cuts of therevealing the presence of key issues. finite element models, hoop tensileAs seen in Figure 2, Configuration load was examined at cross sections#1 was found to produce non-throughout the ring during theuniform stresses and strains, likely simulated RTT experiment. Under- due to a bending stress near a gap standing how tensile load variesbetween fixturing in the gauge through the ring allows a robustregion. However, Configuration description of the stress within the#2 produces more uniform results, gauge region, which can lead toclosely mimicking loading states force correction methods for highlyexpected from a traditional tension accurate property measurement. test. This uniform loading state is ideal for testing coated cladding Accomplishments: concepts, where comparable stresses The analysis of these key objectivesat the outer and inner surface of the was carried out at INL. Using thering are desirable.finite element models, the abilityThe sensitivity analysis was also to accurately measure the materialcompleted, highlighting the strengths using the two RTT config- challenges of in-cell testing and urations was compared. Using rawinforming future testing of irradiated 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 79'