b'General AtomicsElectromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS)Principal Investigator: Ryan HonTeam Members/ Collaborators: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, Structural Integrity Associates Inc., Constellation Energy CorporationThe project willT he Irradiation of Siliconfuture test programs and validate Carbide Ceramic Matrixcurrent and future models. GA-EMS Composite Cladding inis subcontracting with Westing-accelerate developmenta Commercial Nuclear Reactorhouse, who will be designing and and licensing ofproject will complete all the design,manufacturing metallic capsules SiGA SiC-SiCmanufacturing, and licensing neces- to house the SiGA samples, and accident tolerant fuelsary to irradiate GA-EMS SiGAStructural Integrity (SI), who will cladding by obtainingsilicon carbide composite (SiC-SiC)be providing modeling support. representativecladding in a commercial reactor,Constellation, as a partner, will be irradiation andhelping to drive future developmentproviding a commercial reactor for corrosion performanceand commercialization. the irradiation as well as licensing data in a commercialand analysis support.nuclear reactor. Project Description:The SiGA Commercial ReactorThis project is part of a larger Irradiation Projects objective is toSiC-SiC cladding development complete all the necessary steps foreffort at GA-EMS that includes the irradiation of SiC material in afunding via the Accident Tolerant commercial nuclear reactor. AfterFuel (ATF) program, the Industry completion of the project, the SiCOpportunities for Advanced Nuclear samples will undergo one cycle ofTechnology Development program, irradiation in a commercial nuclearand internally funded work. Data reactor from fall 2024 to springobtained following this project will 2026. Subsequent post irradiationbe combined and correlated with examination of the samples willdata obtained through irradiation occur in the fall 2026 and willof SiGA in test reactors to support provide SiC performance data underfollow on commercial reactor prototypical coolant and irradiationirradiations. The project accelerates conditions to support future SiGAthe development of SiC cladding development and testing. Thiswhich has the potential to increase data, along with the lessons learnedthe safety and economics of the while designing and licensing thecurrent reactor fleet due to its high-irradiation, will enable acceleratedtemperature strength and irradiation implementation of lead test rods, leadstability enabling high-burnup tests assemblies, and commercializa- high-enrichment fuels.tion of SiGA cladding. Accomplishments:As lead, GA-EMS will be manu- In the previous year GA-EMS facturing selected silicon carbidecompleted the needed preliminary samples to obtain data to supportactions and objectives to position 118 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'