b'2.7 ATF INDUSTRY TEAMSA s we look back on the acci- capacity and infrastructure to dent tolerant fuel industrymanufacture industrial quantities accomplishments thisof CR-coated cladding.to burnups year, there is a lot of activity acrossof 75 MWd/kgU. A lead test rod the nation to support this mission. (LTR) program has been defined for Lead test rods, and in some cases leadlectricit de France (EDF) that will test bundles, are in commercial andproduce further data for licensing research and development (R&D)Cr coated cladding. Data is also reactor irradiations now (Vogle,being obtained from the ORNL post Calvert Cliffs, Byron, Hatch, Clinton,irradiation examinations (PIE) on and the Advanced Test Reactor atthe Byron-2 LTRs (Figure 1), pool-Idaho National Laboratory). side examination of the Doel-4 LTRs Cladding irradiation planning isand INL PIEs of cladding from the also underway for new short termAdvanced Test Reactor (ATR).(Cr-coated) and long term (SiC vari- Nitrogen cold spray (NCS) was ants) technology approaches in bothselected as the coating method to commercial and R&D facilities, withbe used for Cr coated cladding. The multiple teams having completedprimary basis for this decision was their final designs, initial fabrica- the absence of scratching during tions, and testing needed to submitloading on the NCS cladding while for irradiations in FY23. the physical vapor deposition (PVD) Industry teams have acceleratedcladding exhibited some scratching. their efforts to prepare for a transi- Development work on increasing tion to high burnup and longer fuelthe density and hardness of PVD life. Preparations included topicalcoatings is being pursued. Autoclave reports submitted for Cr-coatedcorrosion testing is continuing for cladding, burnup limit extensions,both coating deposition methods.and LEU+ implementation; licenseTo validate the accident tolerant amendments to start upgradingbenefit of Cr coated cladding, bundle production facilities for both clad- tests were completed at Karlsruhe ding and enrichment increases; asInstitute of Technology (KIT) on well as scaling up production 104 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'