b'EDX .Energy Dispersion X-RayEM Electro-mechanical ManipulatorEMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology EMT .Effective Medium TheoryEPRI Electric Power Research InstituteEQP .Equipment Qualification ProcessESM .Electromagnetic Systems GroupF&OR Functional and Operational RequirementsFAST . Fission Accelerated Steady-state TestingFCCI .Fuel Cladding Chemical InteractionFCRD.Fuel Cycle Research and DevelopmentFE Finite ElementFFRD .Fuel Fragmentation, Relocation, and DispersalFFT Fast Fourier TransformationFGR Fission Gas ReleaseFIBFocused Ion BeamFLAME-CAMP Femtosecond Laser Ablation Machining & Examination -Center for Active Materials ProcessingFMPFive Metal PrecipitatesFOR .Functional and Operational RequirementsFPTTEG Fuel Performance and Testing Technical Experts GroupGA General AtomicsGA-EMS.General AtomicsElectromagnetic Systems GE General Electric GM Grid MethodGNF . Global Nuclear FuelsHAADF . High Angle Annular Dark FieldHBFF High Burnup Fuel FragmentationHBu High Burnup2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 183'