b'5.5 DIVIDER PHOTO CAPTIONSPage 2 Page 22SIRIUS-3 in TREAT neutronKelly McCary threads the optical radiography stand in using thefiber for the distributed tempera-Loop Handling Cask. ture sensor in the THOR heat sink.Page 4 Page 105THOR-C-2 Assembly in TREAT. Heat sink assembly for the TREAT THOR capsule which was recently irradiated in TREAT to show overpower limits for advanced metallic fuel.Page 8 Page 120Concurrent Testing going THOR-C-3 repair work in progress.into TREAT.Page 19 Page 140Loading sodium into the THOR- Working on mockup testing of C-2 capsule during assembly. remote handling for assembly and disassembly of the THOR experiment capsule.190 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'