b'Figure 2. Final assembly of the THOR-C-2 capsule at the TREAT facilitytotal of four commissioning experi- before tested in TREAT on metallic ments for a new TREAT sodiumfuels. The experiment design and capsule, the THOR capsule, havefirst TREAT experiment on a THOR been completed in this fiscal yearcapsule was completed in 2021. using fresh metallic fuel EBR-IIDuring the past year, fabrication driver pins. These experimentsand assembly of multiple THOR are the primary experiments tocapsules has continued, along with commission the THOR capsule fordesign, demonstration, and deploy-multiprogram usage, includingment of remote handling equipment testing of high burnup metallic andto allow THOR capsules to be loaded MOX fuel pins. Remaining commis- with irradiated fuel pins in Hot Fuel sioning tests will provide furtherExamination Facility (HFEF). Figure 2 support of hodoscope performanceshows the final assembly of the evaluation and explore unique LossTHOR-C-2 experiment at the TREAT of Flow (LOF) conditions neverFacility building.2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 131'