b'Figure 3. Cr-coated fuel rods after one cycle in ANO (two corner rods on left were coated with chromium) Accomplishments: Metallographic analysis did notIMAGO was the first irradiationshow increased corrosion of the campaign of Framatomes Cr-coatedexposed M5Framatome substratesamples in the Gsgen nuclearat the damaged region relative topower plant (NPP). Irradiation wasan uncoated M5Framatomelaunched in 2016. Several Cr-coatedcladding tube.samples were placed in the materialsFramatome with the support test rods (MTRs) and directlyof Southern Nuclear installed exposed to the reactor coolant andPROtect Cr fuel rods in the Vogtle the radiation. Some coated samplesNuclear Power Plant in 2019. This were pre-damaged to simulateprogram was the first irradiation coating defects and scratches,of integral Cr-coated M5Framatome which could arise during bundlecladding with Cr 2 O 3 -doped UO 2fuel fabrication. Pre-damaged PROtect(Cr-Cr 2 O 3 ) in a commercial reactor. Cr samples after three cycles ofAdditionally, this was the first irradiation showed excellent coatingirradiation of full-length PROtect adhesion even near the pre-damagedCr fuel rods. Four assemblies region with no indication of coatingeach containing four full-length degradation. The color of theCr-coated M5Framatome rods were Cr-oxide is in the blue to purpleinstalled in 2019. First cycle visuals range and aligns with the expectedwere collected in Fall 2020 and behavior for undamaged Cr-coatings.the results were reported in the 112 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'