b'TABLE OF CONTENTS- CONTINUEDMechanistic Understanding of Radiolytically AssistedHydrothermal Corrosion of SiC in LWR Coolant Environments .60Probabilistic Failure Criterion of SiC/SiC CompositesUnder Multi-Axial Loading 66Development of Multi-Axial Failure Criteriafor Nuclear Grade SiCf-SiCm Composites 70Advanced Coating and Surface Modification Technologies for SiC-SiC Composite for Hydrothermal Corrosion Protection in LWR .722.3LWR Irradiation Testing and PIE Techniques 78Ring Tension Testing 782.4LWR Fuel Safety Testing 82Resumption of Water-based RIA Testing in the U.S. 82Combined TREAT-SATS LOCA Test Plan with Industry Consensus .86Design of Severe Accident Test Station Fission Gas Release Capability .88Report Summarizing Progress in Digital ImageCorrelation Analysis of Burst Phenomenon .92Demonstration of a Transient Heating and VisualizationSystem to Collect and Characterize Fission Gas Releaseon Irradiated Nuclear Fuel 962.5LWR Computational Analysis 1002.6Accident Tolerant Fuel Industry Advisory Committee 1022.7ATF Industry Teams .104Westinghouse Electric Company LLC .106Framatome 110General Electric 114GA .1186 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'