b'2.6 ATF INDUSTRY ADVISORY COMMITTEEAccident Tolerant Fuel Industry Advisory Committee Committee Chair: Bill Gassmann, ConstellationCollaborators: Daniel Wachs, Ed Mai, and Phyllis King T he Advanced LWR Fuelcontinued to provide an industrypower plants, fuel vendors, advanced Advisory Committee wasperspective on LWR fuels issues thatreactor representatives, the Electric established in 2012 to adviseare broader in scope than just ATF.Power Research Institute (EPRI), and the Advanced Fuel CampaignsThe industry advisory committeethe Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). (AFC) National Technical Director(IAC) is comprised of recognizedMembers are invited to participate on the direction, development, andleaders from diverse sectors of theon the committee based on their execution of the campaigns activitiescommercial LWR industry. Theytechnical knowledge of nuclear plant related to accident tolerant fuelsrepresent the major suppliers ofand fuel performance issues as well (ATF) for commercial light water reac- nuclear steam supply systems,as their decision-making authority tors (LWRs). This year, the committeeowners/operators of U.S. nuclearin their respective institutions. 102 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'