b'Active Projects Awarded in 2021Nuclear Energy University Cooperative AgreementsLead University Title Principal InvestigatorUniversity of Tennessee Safety Implications of High Burnup Fuel Nicholas Brownat Knoxville for a 2-Year PWR Fuel CycleUniversity of Tennessee Fuel-to-Coolant Thermomechanical BehaviorsNicholas Brownat Knoxville Under Transient ConditionsUniversity of Florida High-Fidelity Modeling of Fuel-to-Coolant Justin WatsonThermomechanical Transport Behaviors Under Transient ConditionsUniversity of Wisconsin- Post-DNB Thermo-mechanical Behavior ofHwasung YeomMadison Near-term ATF Designs in Simulated Transient ConditionsUniversity of Tennessee Modeling High-Burnup LWR Fuel BehaviorGiovanni Pastoreat Knoxville Under Normal Operating and Transient Condi-tionsMassachusetts Institute Experimental Investigation and Development ofMatteo Bucciof Technology Models and Correlations for Cladding-to-Coolant Heat Transfer Phenomena in Transient Condi-tions in Support of TREAT and the LWR Fleet.Oregon State University Characterizing Fuel Response and QuantifyingWade MarcumCoolable Geometry of High-Burnup FuelUniversity of Pittsburgh Fragmentation and Thermal Energy Transport Heng Banof Cr-doped Fuels under Transient ConditionsTexas A&M University Multiscale Modeling and Experiments for Karim AhmedInvestigating High Burnup LWR Fuel Rod Behavior Under Normal and Transient Condi-tionsPennsylvania State University Estimation of Low Temperature CladdingArthur MottaFailures During an RIA Transient178 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'