b'Life Cycle of a Fuel Bundle1Reprocessing3 Dry Cask Storage4 ~100 yearsCooling Pools2 ~5-20 yearsReactor ResidenceEconomical~8 yearsFabrication of Fuel Rods5 Nuclear Waste Geologic Repository& Bundles ~1 Million yearsFigure 2. The Newer ATF the INL Advanced Test Reactorinspection that is planned for Materials need to be Evaluated (ATR). Hatch ARMOR lead test2023 while a third IronClad LTA in the Entire Fuel Cycle. assemblies (LTAs) completed theirbundle is currently operating in its second cycle of operation in earlysecond cycle. ARMOR and IronClad 2022 and are now all permanentlyATR irradiation under ATF-2 was discharged; a single Hatch IronCladcompleted in 2021. Hot cell examina-Lead Test Rod continued to operatetions of ARMOR and IronClad irradi-in 2022 in its third cycle in Hatch.ated in Hatch and ATR have been All Clinton ARMOR LTA bundlesadvanced by ORNL and INL, while remain discharged after completinga shipment of Clinton one-cycle one cycle of operation in 2021;IronClad Lead Test Rods to ORNL is two Clinton IronClad LTA bundlesbeing planned for 2023.have completed their first cycle of6.4 (by Tyler Schweitzer) Interac-operation and are awaiting poolsidetions with the Nuclear Regulatory 116 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'