b'FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015Enhanced Performance Enhanced Accident Tolerance Phase I - R&DSenate language on accident( Feb 10, 2015)tolerant fuels ATF-1 irradiation initiated Actions: in Advanced Test Reactor Initiated ATF at DOE Labs Initiated ATF NEUP projects Issued FOA for Industry led Innovative fuels call for theATF projectsnational labsIssued call for University led ATF IRPs Attributes / Metrics and R&D coordination andMAX-Phase or othercollaboration meetingscoatings on Zircaloy SiC cladding FCM fuels for long-term (March 16, 2011) UN - focus on solvingWorking Group: topic changed to water compatibility enhanced accident tolerant fuels(March 11, 2011) 3 - Industry ATF FOAsIndustry ATF FOAs renewedFukushima Events 3 - University IRPs initiatedWe Have Accomplished Much insignificant capability expansions ofFigure 1. Accident Tolerant Fuel Ten Years Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) andRelated Activities Around the Time of I think we can all be very proud ofHigh Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR). the Fukushima Eventhow much we have accomplished Influenced the creation of ATF since inception of the ATF program,programs in most major nuclear a mere 10 years ago, including: countries, and continued supportATF vendor candidates havingof ATF programs in the Interna-effected lead rods irradiations intional Atomic Energy Agency 8 commercial reactors, including(IAEA) and the Nuclear Energy one fully loaded Lead TestAgency (NEA).Assembly (LTA).Support of US universities via theAffected testing facility expansionsNuclear Energy University Project at our main nuclear laboratories,(NEUP) process, benefitting many including reactivation of Transientstudents in their degree work and Reactor Test Facility (TREAT) andfuture job possibilities, while pro-viding useful info to our program.2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS 15'