b'5.2 FY-22 LEVEL 2 MILESTONESWork Package Title Site Work PackageLevel 2 MilestoneManagerInterface Mechanical PropertyLANL Eftink, Ben Issue report on bulge testing and microscale Testing for Coated Zircaloy - LANL testing on coated zircaloyIntegral Irradiation Testing - INL INL Hoggard, Gary ATF-2C test train top tier assembled and ready for insertionHERA - INL INL Astle, Leigh Ann First two experiments on pre-hydrided cladding ready for irradiationAccelerated Irradiation andLANL Paisner, Scarlett Status report on test matrix for irradiation testsQualification of Ceramic Nuclear Fuels - LANLATF Post Irradiation ExaminationINL Cappia, Fabiola Draft manuscript on optimized tensile testing - INL of irradiated claddingIntegral Transient Testing - INL INL Astle, Leigh Ann Draft manuscript on the resumption of water capsule RIA testing at TREATAccelerated Ceramic FuelLANL White, Josh Status report on doped UO2 properties and Development - LANL performanceDevelop HBu Transient FGRORNL Linton, Kory Report summarizing design for SATS fission Capability - ORNL gas release capability and proof of concept experiment demonstration Characterization of High BurnupORNL Capps, Nathan Report summarizing high burnup Fuel Samples - ORNL microstructural data of commercially irradiated fuelARES - Joint Work with JAEA toINL Smuin, Trevor Conduct preliminary design review for THOR Study Off-normal Behavior of Fastremote handling and process equipmentReactor Fuels - INLARES - Joint Work with JAEA to StudyINL Smuin, Trevor Complete THOR commissioning test plan in Off-normal Behavior of Fast ReactorBUSTER (nominally 3 transients)Fuels - INL172 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'