b'All specimens will undergo various post-transient characterization over the next year as the THOR-M and THOR-MOXTOP experiments are prepared and irradiated.Accomplishments: THOR-C-1: Thermal calorimetry analysis and gamma spectroscopy on the THOR-C-1 specimen. The THOR-C-1 experiment was irradi-ated in September 2021 with the objective of characterizing the axial reactor-specimen power coupling factor for neutronics model validation. Thermal analysis of the measured temperature histories revealed excellent performance of the capsule design to serve as a calorimeter. Analysis of measured temperatures resulted in a power coupling factor within 6.5% of the calculated value and detailed uncertainty analysis showing 2 uncertainty of 10%. evaluation of experimental results showed excellent performance of the capsule to provide energy measurement to the test specimen, required for continued testing per Figure 3. Online data resultsRecently, the THOR-C-2 experimentreactor safety requirements and to from the THOR-C-2 experiment.was irradiated with the objectivevalidate modeling predictions of (Top) All heat sink thermocoupleof failing a fuel pin to demonstratespecimen heating rates. Gamma data overlaid with rector power history. (Left) Zoom ofin-situ diagnostics performance.spectroscopy was performed along thermocouple data overlaidThe THOR-C-3 experiment includesthe axial length of the fuel pin to with linear variable differentiala Na-free annular fuel design to beprovide power distribution validation. transformer (LVDT) pressureirradiated by fiscal year end. TheResults of these measurements is signal during late state of the experiment showing point ofannular fuel includes an optical- expected shortly to compare with fuel disruption by LVDT signalfiber-coupled infrared pyrometercalculated results.and showing in thermocouplelocated in the central hole of thesignal with slight delay. (Right)THOR-C-2: The first modern TREAT Zoom of LVDT signal showingfuel for direct measurement ofexperiment with precise identifica-clear point of failure where pintemperature/power. Fuel performancetion of fuel rod failure time and pressure is released into thepredictions have been performed totracked fuel melting and relocation. THOR capsule volume project experiment outcomes and best ensure their success. As-runTHOR-C-2 was irradiated in TREAT fuel performance analysis will alsoin August 2022. The fresh EBR-II be performed and compared withdriver pin was pressurized and predictions and experiment results.resealed prior to loading in the capsule to mimic high burnup fuel 132 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'