b'Accident Tolerant Fuel (ATF) Industry Teams Westinghouse Electric Company LLC Principal Investigator: E. J. LahodaTeam Members/ Collaborators: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC (Westinghouse); General Atomics (GA); Bangor University (BU); Idaho National Laboratory (INL); Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL); Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); University of Wisconsin (UW); University of South Carolina (USC); North Carolina State University (NCSU); University of Virginia UVa); University of Bristol (UBr); Constellation Energy Corporation (EC) and Southern Nuclear Company (SNC); Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), University of Tennessee (UT), University of Texas at San Antonio, Air Liquide (AL), Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) (KTH), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)Westinghouse EnCoreW estinghouse is workingof supporting economic 24-month to commercialize uniquecycles and/or significant uprates. accident tolerantThis capability significantly lowers fuel is a gamechangerEnCore *fuel (ATF) designs whichthe cost of operation of nuclear for the nuclear industryinclude advanced Cr coatings onplants while providing increased because of significantlycladding and SiGA *silicon carbideaccident tolerance.increased safety(SiC) cladding with the capability margins in severeof using higher235 U enrichedAccomplishments:accident scenarios,ADOPT TM*fuel (Cr 2 O 3 +Al 2 O 3dopedA topical report for burnup extensions longer fuel cycles and/ UO 2 ) and U 15 N fuel (UN) to achieveof current and ADOPT fuel to 68 or large uprates, lowerburnups of around 75 MWd/kgUMWd/kgU was sent to the Nuclear operating costs, andand/or substantial power uprates. Regulatory Commission (NRC) increased flexibility forDecember 14, 2021, and the Safety fuel management. Project Description: Evaluation Report for ADOPT fuel The Westinghouse ATF programwas issued to Westinghouse June is deploying lead test assemblies14, 2022. The Vogtle High Burnup (LTAs) of Cr coated cladding withHigher Energy License Amendment ADOPT and UO 2pellets with greaterRequest for the 5%235 U LTA than 5% enriched235 U higher withprogram was submitted to and increased oxidation resistanceaccepted by the NRC for review. to steam and air at design basisManufacturing studies are being and beyond design basis accidentcompleted to support the manufac-conditions. The oxidation resistantture of Cr coated cladding for the cladding along with the greaterVogtle LTA program beginning in than 5%235 U fuel and U 15 N fuel2023. This program will support provide utilities with fuel capablethe final high burnup topical report 106 2022|AFC ACCOMPLISHMENTS'